Medford Herring and Bird

Have you ever been to the Mystic River Watershed?

We visited the herring run there earlier this month. While observing the comorants feeding and sea gulls circling overhead, we were hoping the herring could make it safely to the other side, continuing on their spring journey.

Watching these diving birds, however, was impressive. It’s amazing how voracious their appetites are.  The area is pleasant to visit, and you learn that an important wildlife migration takes place right here in Massachusetts.

You can count herring too, learn more right here.

In the meantime, enjoy the cormorants and sea gulls.


Betta Beauty

simple betta beauty
simple betta beauty

There is something so peaceful and graceful about a betta. For those working overtime in the office, whether at work or at home, the betta fanning its gorgeous fins can bring some calm and pleasantness to your desk.

a female with unusually fan like fins
a female with unusually fan like fins

A marimo moss ball, or floating java moss adds the perfect green touch.

Java moss

These bettas believe it or not are amazingly hardy. As they breathe air, a desktop aquarium is suitable for them, making them an ideal choice to liven up your office. Aqua Bonsai provides high quality bettas in all sorts of beautiful colors, iridescent, bold, with various fin shapes, such as half moon, delta double tail, crown, and the like. You can learn more here.


Are you in the local Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire area? Aqua Bonsai can help provide and set up a simple betta bowl just for you in person.


Aqua Bonsai

My husband recently opened his new etsy shop, AquaBonsai.
He creates bonsai inspired “trees” for aquariums.  Java moss is hand tied to a non toxic substrate base, which is bendable so you can pose your tree or bonsai creature any which way you please. Your fish or pet shrimp can help you prune as they forage away on their new aquatic garden decor.
Needless to say, he’s got the green thumb in our family.


il_570xn_398180827_iq7m img_20140122_114641 mossseasepent