Poet Hair Project

Sharing an ongoing project I had started a while back
This is something I would like to continue to explore…

I read somewhere, a Korean proverb, “a poet’s hair can cut rock.”

This has intrigued me and I’d like to work on this using my own hair as inspiration.

Blue + White

It doesn’t get any more classic than blue and white, a great color combination to usher in Spring, and Summer too. Clean and crisp, fresh and bright, timeless and elegant. A wish list visit is this shop, Blue and White, run by Amy Katho, a mainstay in Tokyo for over 35 years. My colleague has visited and testified to it being quite an essential place to shop while living in Japan.


A champion of Japanese folk art textiles much closer to home is Sri, a textile gallery in Brooklyn.
You can peruse their shop online, too.

Itajime Yukata at Sri

In the meantime, think of incorporating some blue and white this season. Here are some ideas:

Gorgeous coasters by Maya Gencic, a favorite on etsy.

Spring Collection at Miri Miri

I discovered Faye Costello and her designs on etsy. Ironically, she is nearby in Southern New Hampshire. Miri Miri Fashion has creative shrugs, chic skirts, and beautiful hand dyed scarves like this one:

So far she is found only on etsy, but I am sure her line will be seen in local boutiques. Or should be!

Making Up For Lost Time…With Book Arts

It’s been a busy fall, and I am making up for lost time, sharing some wonderful pieces by book artists I met at the recent Guild of Book Workers conference in Boston, yes, way back in October!


Wendy of Windy Weather Bindery is responsible for the jewelry/gift box above, and loves doing custom work, including portfolios. Local artists who need sophisticated presentation for their work-check her out!

Monica of Boom Box Bindery made these adorable book earrings:


Both are graduates of the North Bennett Street School in Boston, and both were totally sweet and a pleasure to meet. I wish them the best in their future endeavors and know they will be successful!

Hair Thingies, Belly Button Covers

I don’t want summer to end either, so here are a few last minute pieces you can wear around your hair,
or, as my father used to say to the many girls who would come in our store with low rise jeans and their midriffs showing, “Cover your belly button!”
Metal blocked filigree floral pattern on 100% Indian cotton, handmade.
merlot with a sheen, raw silk sash

Aqua Bonsai

My husband recently opened his new etsy shop, AquaBonsai.
He creates bonsai inspired “trees” for aquariums.  Java moss is hand tied to a non toxic substrate base, which is bendable so you can pose your tree or bonsai creature any which way you please. Your fish or pet shrimp can help you prune as they forage away on their new aquatic garden decor.
Needless to say, he’s got the green thumb in our family.


il_570xn_398180827_iq7m img_20140122_114641 mossseasepent