Spring Collection at Miri Miri

I discovered Faye Costello and her designs on etsy. Ironically, she is nearby in Southern New Hampshire. Miri Miri Fashion has creative shrugs, chic skirts, and beautiful hand dyed scarves like this one:

So far she is found only on etsy, but I am sure her line will be seen in local boutiques. Or should be!

Madbird’s Wallet

I’m in the market for a new wallet, and stumbled across this from Madbird:

Madbird’s Wallet for Patterns and Tools

It’s a pattern wallet, with an anti-glare vinyl so you can clearly read your patterns. I love this printed pattern, and although it may not be your traditional money holder, I love the concept. No, I am not a knitter, but there must be something I can organize in here!

They have a great tagline, have been featured in many knitting publications, and are locals, near the Boston area. Check them out!

What Time Is It?

Time to check out Clockeee, a great shop I stumbled across on etsy today.
Reading their profile, Martin and partner are based in Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia, and have a keen sense of not only modern yet timeless design, but being eco-friendly as well. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to more innovative ways to tell time!


Check out their website to see and learn more.

Aqua Bonsai

My husband recently opened his new etsy shop, AquaBonsai.
He creates bonsai inspired “trees” for aquariums.  Java moss is hand tied to a non toxic substrate base, which is bendable so you can pose your tree or bonsai creature any which way you please. Your fish or pet shrimp can help you prune as they forage away on their new aquatic garden decor.
Needless to say, he’s got the green thumb in our family.


il_570xn_398180827_iq7m img_20140122_114641 mossseasepent

Love for Japan

Fushimi Inari Taisha by mikedinsmorephoto

It’s been a week since my last post, and perhaps because I, like yourself, have been glued to the news.
Thought I’d share some etsy artists’ ways of helping those terribly afflicted by the disaster.

Shino Tumbler by Koide Studio
Tohoku Miyagi Woman By Mika Art
Breathing Fragments by Nocoro

Wonky and Wonderful


I love this dish by Lea Wood Ceramics, and how it seemingly looks thrown together. Handmade, each plate is unique and a perfect setting for your next colorful cuisine, say fresh mango over steamed salmon and gingered baby bok choy?
She describes some of her pieces as “wonky” but firm, and is inspired by the collaboration between urban and tribal influences.  Check out her shop and be delighted by her artistry.