about lowe aperture:

I was a Thayer Street Child

Growing up on the East Side of Providence, RI, where my father owned a store on famous Thayer Street, exposed me to all sorts of individuals, foods, sights and smells. A cast of many characters brought their world to our humble, little store full of handmade Asian goods. I wish I could have documented so many interactions on my old Canon.

Yang’s on Thayer Street, Providence, RI

Handmade Paper Meets Photography

After working in the handmade paper field for nearly twenty years, I learned that certain Japanese papers not only work very well with the photographic process, but some are specifically designed for the printing process in this digital age. I hope to explore their special connection on this platform.

Images printed on kozo from Japan designed specifically for printing photographs.

Keeping It Simple

We are deluged with images, whether on our phones, tablets, and other media. It is nice to put the gadget down at times to see life through our own natural lens. I try to enjoy nature walks, visits to the ocean, dinner with friends, and edit carefully what I record, to share simple images that inspire.

I finally decided to share my love of photography via this platform, a love that stretches back 30 years. Here I’m sharing images old and new, all taken by me, via film, SLRS, and yes, even a phone.

Thank you for looking, liking, and following.

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