Moments of Peace

During this time, we all need moments of peace.

My husband has an art show, expressing his visions of peace amidst dreamy mountain tops or surrounded by lush bamboo. Many thanks to Parish Center for the Arts, in Westford, MA, for arranging this. We are thankful the “show” is online, ensuring everyone can enjoy art while staying safe. Thanks to Tom and Patty for their support and hard work in showcasing my husband’s art.

Please visit PCA’s online gallery, and see for yourself: Moments of Peace: Escapes to Calm Landscapes.

More details on a special piece that is sort of a collaboration by us. Here are selected paintings to view:

Blushing Fronds
Fishing on Still River
Just A Little Longer

Westford Leaves 

I am sharing some images from a previous blog I created, For some reason, there was a snafu with wordpress when publishing so this blog was hidden for a while. WordPress promptly apologized and fixed the situation, (thank you!). Now it is public, but I since created this during that period. So I will time to time repost original material from Thanks for looking!
I hope you enjoy the images.