Crispy Pad Thai Attempt #1

My husband loves it, and we go to Pan Thai off Mass. Ave. in Boston for it.
However, when shopping at our local Chinese market, M & H, he spotted what looked like the noodles, which we could never find. Fresh, and packaged nicely in the refrigerated noodle section, along with wonton skins, fresh tofu, and lotus roots, we decided to give it a try.So here is my first attempt. I added too much water when heating them up, so not as crispy as could be. Just add a little cold water while sauteeing, and keep stirring to get all sides evenly crispy. If you like extra crispy, then add a little sesame oil. In a separate pan we had baby bok choy smothering orange peppers, onions, fresh garlic, and lean ground beef. I used a sweet bean sauce-jarred I admit. No time to make a marinade! Add whatever veggies you like, or chicken, shrimp, etc., if you eat meats.  This takes no time at all.  In the meantime while I practice the crispiness, we will stick with Pan Thai-we love it there!
Any suggestions, please do pass on!


ps: on the side, making yam dumplings-I’ll share another time.