Poet Hair II

Sharing Poet Hair II from my previous photo blog, Lowe Aperture:
this is a theme I’m interested in pursuing, as my hair has always been part of how people used to recognize me, (the girl with the really long hair!). Most of the time-actually all of the time-the attention was unwanted. It’s not as long now, and maybe a little tinted with henna, but I remind myself of that Korean proverb: a poet’s hair can cut rock. It’s a reminder as how to be. It inspires me in many ways. These are unposed, random strands of hair, after a wash, edited on an iPhone 6 plus.

Poet Hair

I read once, years ago, a Korean proverb that said “a poet’s hair can cut rock.” This has stayed with me, and continues to inspire me, and the following photos.  I thought I’d take another look at hair, close up as the strands were randomly pulled and twirled aside during a shower, (lest they clog the drain).  A little editing here and there on my trusty iPhone 6 plus, but I did not pose the strands themselves. Candid hair!