Snow in Spring: Cherry Blossom Time!

Who hasn’t been enjoying the longer days since we had to Spring ahead this past weekend?And the unusually warm weather earlier this week didn’t hurt.
What would be even better is a firsthand look at the cherry blossoms this Spring in Japan.

For those who can, check out this site to know the best days in March to check out the blossoms. For the rest of us who are doing some wishful thinking, enjoy the photos above and below:

Dreaming of Summer

Here are some shots of some shells and stones along Marblehead last summer.

aprilfoodandfamily-099 aprilfoodandfamily-100 aprilfoodandfamily-101 aprilfoodandfamily-120 aprilfoodandfamily-121

Since the snow is slowly starting to melt, I am thinking ahead for this summer’s shell and rock expedition. ¬†Any suggestions on beach combing spots in northern Mass.?