Spring Fashion Inspiration, A Feist for Me

So I may be behind the times, and definitely am not a fashion diva, but lately I’m inspired by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Feist, in My Moon, My Man video.

by cliptip
found via xolondon
by fashion rat
by famefad
Love the Asanoha (Japanese star) shaped pattern on Ms. Gainsbourg’s skirt.

found via cliptip, xolondon, fashion rat, famefad

Wrap Yourself in Okapiknits

I stumbled across Okapiknits, a fellow etsy shop, and it quickly became one of my favorites:

okapidress okapiknits
Okapi knits’ profile states that the designer loves to make “exciting, knitted clothes and accessories.
And yes, exciting is the word. I love the creativity and organic feel, just jumping out of the screen. The white knitted accessory above looks like it’s about to slither off and find a new way to wrap itself around the model, creating a whole new look.