Sharing Haiku Camera

These images have been shared on my Instagram @haikucamera, which is my other WordPress site. Unfortunately due to a glitch this site was not made public until recently.  As I believed this site may not have been “good enough” or inadequate in some way, or lost somewhere in cyberspace, I decided to start from scratch and create haiku camera, which, thank you to all who follow, has received some support.  Then I graciously received word that unbeknownst to me, this site was hidden due to no fault of my own. I do appreciate WordPress for letting me know, but now am in a conundrum over which one to keep.  So until I decide which site to stick to, (lowe aperture or haiku camera), here are a few random IG posts to share. In the meantime, has anyone experienced this situation? Any advice? Is there a good way to merge without confusing or losing any followers? I will check the forums as well. Many thanks!