The Natural World Goes West

Some of my photos are up at my dear friend Tamar’s gallery in Fitchburg, MA.


Spider Crab and Grey’s Beach photos at Gallery Sitka


Head over to Gallery Sitka West to check out selected works of The Natural World on Washi, as well as a bunch of amazing art by local artists at her inspiring gallery space.

Gallery Sitka West

454 Main Street

Fitchburg, MA 01420

My friend and I visited when I dropped off the photos; we had fun peering at the wonderful paintings, and getting to know Meagan, who not only works there but has some of her art on display.

Works by Meagan St Laurent


Wonderful paintings command your attention as soon as you walk in:

Artist Unknown please contact Gallery Sitka for artist and more information

By Zen Saito


Paper Connection International, who supplied the Japanese paper, or washi, for my show, also has some other decorative sheets of handmade paper for sale. These hail from Japan, and include hand painted kozo, as well as katazome, or resist dyed sheets. Cute stationery from Japan is available too.

Gorgeous handmade papers from Paper Connection International

Tamar, the owner of Gallery Sitka, works very hard supporting the arts in the area. She’s in a great location, right near the Fitchburg Art Museum. She also runs a studio in Shirley, MA, where she guides clients with web design, social media, and other digital marketing.

Visit Gallery Sitka for some refreshing and inspiring experiences, meet some nice people, and support the arts in central MA.

And thanks, Tamar!


Sharing Haiku Camera

These images have been shared on my Instagram @haikucamera, which is my other WordPress site. Unfortunately due to a glitch this site was not made public until recently.  As I believed this site may not have been “good enough” or inadequate in some way, or lost somewhere in cyberspace, I decided to start from scratch and create haiku camera, which, thank you to all who follow, has received some support.  Then I graciously received word that unbeknownst to me, this site was hidden due to no fault of my own. I do appreciate WordPress for letting me know, but now am in a conundrum over which one to keep.  So until I decide which site to stick to, (lowe aperture or haiku camera), here are a few random IG posts to share. In the meantime, has anyone experienced this situation? Any advice? Is there a good way to merge without confusing or losing any followers? I will check the forums as well. Many thanks!