fruits & veggies

Sharing random images of fruits and veggies taken through the years…always amazed at the natural design, color, and texture of each individual piece. I feel like they need their time to have their own portrait taken before they are eaten or cooked.

Westford LeavesĀ 

I am sharing some images from a previous blog I created, For some reason, there was a snafu with wordpress when publishing so this blog was hidden for a while. WordPress promptly apologized and fixed the situation, (thank you!). Now it is public, but I since created this during that period. So I will time to time repost original material from Thanks for looking!
I hope you enjoy the images.

Love for Japan

Fushimi Inari Taisha by mikedinsmorephoto

It’s been a week since my last post, and perhaps because I, like yourself, have been glued to the news.
Thought I’d share some etsy artists’ ways of helping those terribly afflicted by the disaster.

Shino Tumbler by Koide Studio
Tohoku Miyagi Woman By Mika Art
Breathing Fragments by Nocoro